About Me

About Me

Hi, My name is Christopher Vachon, and in case you have missed it on my site, I am a Web Developer, Musician, and a Beer Enthusiast. I work in Midland Ontario, Canada as a Development Operations Manager for a medium-sized firm.

Web Developer

Web development has been a bit of passion of mine for the majority of my adult life.

I started off in the late 1990s by creating static webpages in HTML using an online service called Angelfire. From there I went to college where I learned to program in PERL and PHP using MySQL databases and flat files. I eventually learned to create webpage templating systems in PHP and to use the archaic javascript and CSS technologies available at the time.

I then took a job with a company where I needed to learn T-SQL as well as ColdFusion. It was at that point where CSS2 really started to become supported by the major browsers, and jQuery came on the scene shortly after that. From that, I moved from FuseBox framework into FW1, and have begun to transition towards moving everything into Node.js.


From a child, I have always been fascinated with music and musical instruments, so I was fortunate that we always had a guitar lying around where ever we went. But it was not until my mid-twenties that I started to take music seriously. I obtained an acoustic guitar and began to learn as much as I could.

Later, a good friend of mine loaned me a bass guitar, and I took to that almost instantly. I very quickly purchased my own bass guitar and amp to practice with and perform with. From there, we started a band with a few local guys called Fine Alley.

I quickly expanded the collection with an electronic double bass and most recently added an acoustic bass to the mix.

Beer Enthusiast

I like Beer... what more is there to say?