Retrospective of 2020

Here is a summary of how 2020 had gone for me.

Retrospective of 2020

This past year has not been anything that we expected. It's been full of ups and downs and a few twists and turns for us.

General Update

January 2020 started off with me starting a new job, in a new industry.  After 10 and half years with my previous employer, it became very clear and apparent to me that my time there was over and that it was time to move on. So I spent the better part of 2019 exploring new career opportunities. I put myself out in the world and had several opportunities presented to me. I owe many thanks to the various contacts I have made over the years for presenting me with some exciting opportunities to potentially work with them again. After some careful consideration, I settled on joining the team at 44 North Digital Marketing with the opportunity to put together a team to build online platforms we were proud to put our name on. In the year since I have been there, we are well on our way to accomplishing that and I am excited to keep it going forward.

As part of accepting the new role, I knew that I was going to want to work from home atleast part of each week. So with the help of my father-in-law, an office space was built in the basement for me to work from. As the pandemic rolled out and we all started working from home, I was already setup to work remotely and made that transition seamlessly. Eventually my wife Rachel joined me in working from home as well, and we setup a desk for her right behind me in the same space. I eventually ordered her the same electronic standing desk and ergonomic chair that I have and we are now good for the long haul working remotely.

My daughter Eve has grown a lot in the last year. We have accomplished the first phases of potty training, know most of our alphabet and count to ten. Recently we showed her video from the Apollo 11 Saturn 5 launch and she has become obsessed with rockets. At least once or twice a day she asks us to see the video again.

For the most part, Eve is generally unaware that we are living through a pandemic. Rachel and I have tried to live our lives a regularly as possible. The main exception now being that Eve does not come grocery shopping with me anymore. Partly because of the pandemic, and partly because I now go shopping after she has gone to bed when the stores are far less busy. I stood in one line up for groceries and decided that was enough of that.

Apart from that, life had not been terribly different for us in 2020. Granted, we did not get to travel or see family as much as we would have liked too, but for the day to day comings and goings, we were not overly effected by the pandemic.

I Learned Stuff

Being able to start in a new direction from scratch, I wanted to ensure that we we're building using the best practices available to us. So in 2020 I cememted my knowledge of TypeScript, Kubernetes, and Apache Solr. I learned to develop and deploy scalable single purpose micro services and greatly expanded my knowledge of working with the Amazon Web Services platforms.

I have always not been a fan of WordPress, but now I have developed serious hate for the platform as I have also been asked to help correct issues, and deploy this platform to various services. Now I very much agree that WordPress has its place in the world, and I can understand that people very comfortable with it. But there are certain things that its simply not ment to do, and continuous development and deployment is very much on the list of those things.

In addition to that, I have begun my expanding my knowledge base in Business Analysis with the goal of help companies define problems, and help them work out the best solution to correct those issues. This is a skill set well outside my current knowledge base and I found it very beneficial in helping to determine the next steps of a couple of projects. It's definitely worth getting into if you are interested in expanding your business knowledge in conjunction with you development skills.